Kitchen Tour

Kelly’s Korner is having a kitchen tour today. I have said it before, but we live in a little, old, townhouse. It is perfect for us right now…but its not fancy/new/super nice. I love how bright everything in my kitchen is. Take a tour…

This is the stove/sink side….
And this is the other side of the sink.
My stove. Love/hate with it. It is old, missing a knob (that I melted one night with a large pan), stains really easily, but it works. So I’ll take it. I used to keep all the stuff you see (oil spray, olive oil, vinegar) in the cabinet, but realistically, it is so much easier to have it on hand while cooking. So all that stuff lives right there on the stovetop. I painted those canvases to match all my Fiestaware. I love them.

See that knifeblock in the corner. It is AMAZING. Revolutionary. I don’t kid you. It is a Kapoosh Universal Knife Block. (I got mine at BB&B with wedding gift cards… you can get one online here)
It is so neat because instead of slots for your knives, it has these little strands of plastic that move around. You can put all your knives from different sets and even scissors and stuff in this knife block. The strands move around as you add and take out stuff. And the whole box of strands comes out to be cleaned. Genius.
This is the most practical thing in my kitchen. I got this little table for $5 from Craigslist, and it holds stuff I have nowhere else to put/like to keep out handy. It holds my spices, ziplocs, foil, and at the bottom are my decorative plates for my plate hanger.
This is my least favorite part of my kitchen, for now. While it holds my Keurig coffee pot and Kitchenaid, I hate all those boxes. Those are the protein drinks for my diet at MRC…and it is just easier to leave them out on the counter. Usually (or when I’m not dieting), my cup holder with all my Fiesta cups are where the boxes are.

My kitchen may be old and tiny, but I make yummy food here! I am thankful for what I have and I like my bright little kitchen!

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