Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Weekend

The rest of Labor Day weekend was full of fun.

We spent Sunday at church with this crazy thing.  She had to “cheese” on our way out the door- which consists of running to the front step, sitting down and saying “cheese” while we take her picture.

She’s so fun.

Sunday we just mostly rested.  I took a long nap and so did Remi (almost 3 hours for both of us!) and we hung out at home playing outside.

Monday, we got up, made breakfast and headed to Mimi’s pool!

Again, with the cheesing.

Remi and Mimi played outside while me and Ty went and kayaked on the lake. He fished (well, he didn’t catch anything ha!) and I paddled around. Mom and Remi walked down to say hi and mom took this pic of me in the water.

We swam, ate lunch, Remi napped, I read in the sun.  She asked for “hot dogs” (a fave at Mimi’s house) and ate two of them. Swimming works up an appetite!

We played with Mimi and Gigi and enjoyed time together. It was a great day!

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