Labor Day

So I’m having a stinky day (I’ll tell you about that later….) so I want to recap my wonderful Labor Day holiday.

We went home and…

Swam and played with the cousins…
Ate daddy’s BBQ ribs…
Went on the lake. My dad is the best boat captain!
Played Rummikub (our family’s favorite game)…
Played chubby bunny b/c Gram wanted a snack of marshmellows ha! She was so funny with the marshmellows shoved in her mouth!
Mom playing chubby bunny….
We went fishing!
I caught a little fish! (sorry about the boob shot….I was trying to get a tan and I kind of can’t help but hang all out…)
We watched the Razorback game… Go hogs!
And we had a GREAT time at home. Tyler took off work Saturday and Monday…so he got to sleep in for three days in a row. That hasn’t happened in a loooooong time for him. It was a wonderful time with our great family. We are so blessed.

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