Land Owners

Well, we had our closing on the land on Friday! Everything went relatively smoothly, and now we own the property! We are soooo excited to start building and work on our home! Here is all the paperwork. Its official!So excited, in fact, that Saturday we went to Hot Springs with the big trailer to pick up my dad’s backhoe tractor so he can begin to dig out the foundation of the house! That was a quick trip! We left at 9 a.m. and were back by 6 p.m. My parents came back up with us so we could put the stakes in the ground for the placement of the house, and then my parents spent the night.

We went to eat at Kobe for dinner. (My parents out to eat) We sat at the hibachi grill and had a wonderful meal. Tyler couldn’t go to Kobe without eating sushi, so he skipped the hibachi for sushi! He was one happy guy!

He was also a happy guy because Saturday evening, we went to Best Buy and bought some new TVs. We didn’t really need them right now (but we will once we get the house built). But the two Samsung TVs we wanted were on sale at the same time, so we went and bought them. We set the smaller one up in our bedroom and we LOVE it! Its amazing the difference in quality between these new spiffy LCD TVs and the old ones.

Sunday, we all got up and ate breakfast, then my parents left. Then Tyler and I went to see True Grit. It was really good. The actors were great and it had lots of witty lines in it. The ending wasn’t spectacular or anything, but the movie was good overall.

It was a fantastic weekend! We became land owners, we started construction on our new home, bought some new TVs, had a great visit with my family, and saw a good movie. Couldn’t ask for anything more!


  1. Woohoo, sounds like a great weekend and congrats on breaking land and owning it! That has to feel good! Whats the timeline…like when will it be done?!?

  2. Emily…we are hoping for a 3-4 month build. Hopefully, it will be done May-June. Ideally, May so we could move right in after graduation.

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