Last Day in Vegas

Last Day in Vegas

We started off our last Vegas day with breakfast at Serendipity III.  We’ve been to the original Serendipity in New York, but this one was much more open and modern…and the food was just as good!  The portions were HUGE including this oreo frozen hot chocolate. 🙂


We went back down to Fremont for a bit and explored the Container Park- a mall made of shipping containers.  We had lunch down there – eating gourmet hot dogs and street tacos.  We did some gambling at Fremont- Tyler tried to learn how to play craps but just lost money instead. ha!

We also hit up the Mob Museum- which was neat to learn about the mob and the police.  It was a bit long and in depth- we sort of lost interest halfway through.  But a neat stop for sure.

We did dinner that evening at the Miracle Mile Shops at a place there called Ocean One.  The food was good but the service was terrible.  We may have also had another or two frozen drinks while shopping around.

The highlight of this last day was seeing BRITNEY SPEARS!

I was so excited when the lobby had some of her iconic costumes.


The show was great.  She actually had a wardrobe malfunction duringt the show that made the news. 🙂

She put on a great show- dancing like she was 17 again and she did all her hits.  There were fireworks, special effects, huge sets, amazing costumes, and a waterfall she danced under.


We spent a bit more time in the casino before calling it a night and packing to head home.

It was THE BEST vacation.  Fun, relaxing, exploring, good food, and fun together.

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