Layering for Fall

Layering for Fall

*This post is sponsored by POSH Style, a boutique in Tulsa.  I was given some clothing to feature…but all opinions are my own.  I adore this store, the ladies that run it, and the clothes they gave me.*

A few months ago, I stopped into a boutique in Tulsa called POSH Style. I found it on Facebook, liked the clothes, and had time to stop by.  I’m SO glad I did.  They were so helpful and not pushy in the least.  I could tell they genuinely wanted me to find clothing that was flattering and made me feel good.  And they also made Tyler feel welcome, bringing him a drink and even a Tylenol when he mentioned his head hurting.  That’s service.

I’m so happy to be partnering with POSH to show you some fun layering ideas for fall.  I love to layer, but I know that not everyone feels the same way.  It can be difficult to mix patterns and textures.

Let’s start with the overall look:  skinny pants (I used black ones, but jeans would work too), a leopard thinner sweater, and a beautiful aubergine cable knit vest from POSH.  I topped it with my tan riding boots and a beautiful statement purse in this season’s hottest jewel tones, monogrammed of course (also from POSH).


Let’s get a closeup of that wonderful monogrammed purse too. I couldn’t love it more.  On trend with the tassle trim, and the color is so vibrant, but perfect for fall.


The zipper trim is so this season, too.



So how do you put pieces together for layering?  Well, I like to start with a neutral base.  That’s the pants.  Dark denim works well, too.  I think you can have a couple standout pieces…like the pattern in my sweater with the beautiful color in the vest.  They work because they are different textures, in my opinion.  The sweater is a thinner knit, while the cable kit of the vest makes it stand out on top of the sweater.  I like the cognac boots with this. I actually like that it’s not a perfect match to the tan in my sweater.  It’s more interesting that way.  They coordinate, but don’t feel too matchy-matchy.  I also love the shiny leather of the boot with the knit of the sweaters.



For another layering look, I love this vest over a maxi dress.  The dress is pretty casual.  It’s a jersey material with a draw string.  But when you add the sweater, it dresses it up a bit.  It takes it from being a solid boring grey maxi to an outfit.  If this didn’t have a drawstring, I would have belted it with a lighter colored belt, maybe in a cognac or leopard, or even in a gold.  You can’t see them, but I’m wearing leopard booties under the dress.  It’s actually a little long on me (gotta have it shortened!), but a fun pop of bootie underneath is perfect for fall.



For a little more casual look, I took the straps off the purse and turned it into a clutch.  So versatile!



I hope that helps you see some ways to layer for fall!  I really think this cable knit vest from POSH is perfect for layering.  You could add it over a chambray shirt and pearls…or even over a T shirt while the temps are warmer. Add some ankle pants and a black wedge bootie and you’re set!  So many options.  It comes in grey or this plum color. I am wearing a size large.


And the clutch is available in black, cognac, white, red, and this lovely teal green.  So many options. You can order it online here, and it’s totally affordable, even with adding the monogram.


What are your fall layering tips? What’s your go-to piece for fall?



  1. Wooo! You look SLAMMIN’ in that maxi dress with vest!! Hot mama! I want to rush out and immediately buy the exact same outfit in hopes that I will look like that, too! Also, LOVE the cheetah print sweater!! I love how it looks like ‘classy’ cheetah and not so much ‘stripper’ cheetah..hahaha.

    • Oh Erika…you make me laugh! I would suggest rushing over to POSH and getting the vest…it’s so versatile (and timeless, not a super trendy piece you won’t wear every again). I love animal print, but I DO know what you’re talking about “classy” cheetah. Glad I didn’t veer into the stripper territory. ha!

  2. Love it! I have a fashion post coming up and am so nervous about being in front of the camera. You rocked it!

    • It helps when someone you’re comfortable with (like for me, my husband) takes the pictures. It seems to put me at ease. Can’t wait to see your fashion post!

  3. seriously, you are the sweetest. And, I’m guessing you had to pay your photographer for this session. So good! And for the record, leopard is not a print. this season, I’ve deemed it a solid!

    • I always say leopard is a neutral…but I like thinking about it as a solid! And I fed my photographer a yummy breakfast after this photoshoot. He’s easy to please. 🙂

  4. Love, love that dress and vest look. My favorite fall pieces are sweaters over dresses and boots, but I usually have to come up with looks from other people’s photographs like yours.

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