I am Southern Baptist and we don’t really do Lent.  However, (like Kelly explained) I think it is a great time to reflect and refocus…
I have attempted “giving up” stuff before during Lent.  It never really worked because the things I gave up didn’t mean much to me.
I am doing things two-fold for Lent this year.  I really feel like I need to participating this year, so I am. 
First of all, I am giving up fried food.  This may seem sort of trivial considering I don’t eat much fried food.  However, when I am faced with choices concerning fried food, I am usually out to eat and those are the times I blow my diet.  I am giving this up in an effort to make more conscious good choices and glorify the Lord by taking care of the body He has given me.
Second, I am giving up…wait for it…online shopping.  I have everything I need (and then some!).  However, I am able to blow through bunches of money in one sitting or at one lunch break at work while my fingers type my credit card number (which I’m ashamed to say I have memorized and don’t even have to get out my wallet anymore!).  I am giving this up in an effort to be more content and grateful for what I have.  Shopping in general isn’t out, but online shopping is.  When I feel like I NEED something online, I am going to pray for contentment and a grateful heart.  I honestly don’t need much beyond food and water on a day to day basis.  So I shouldn’t be ordering random crap online (everything from Zumbawear, clothes, accessories, shoes, home stuff, whatever I think I need at the moment).  I will be avoiding a few sites as I do this:  Rue La La, the shop at Zumba.com, some Facebook groups where we buy and sell Zumba wear, and I won’t be clicking through every emailed coupon I get to see what is on sale.  I simply don’t need anything.  So I won’t be purchasing anything online for 40 days.  I came to realize this after buying two pairs of boots and two skirts online first thing this morning after getting some emailed coupons.  Those were things I wanted, but not anything I needed.  And that $150 could go to much better places (or just stay in my bank account!).  
So here is to 40 days of no online shopping and no fried food.  All to grow closer to God and glorify Him through these actions.  If I make it through these 40 days, it will be all for the glory of God, because I know I can’t do it without Him!

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