Let’s Go Girls

Let’s Go Girls

In August of 2017, me and some friends bought tickets to see Shania Twain.  YES. Like 9-10 months ago. We were SO EXCITED.

It was a weekday, so we didn’t get to spend tons of time together (I drove in after work and drove home after), but we had a BLAST during the show.

It’s funny that these three friends went to high school together (they were each a year apart) but we ended up as Tri Chi (sorority) sisters, all in the same family.  Alden (on the right) is my little sister, Jessie (next to her) is hers, and Haley (next to me) is further down the fam.  Love it!


We had a GREAT night. Shania is QUEEN. She did play a few new songs, but mostly the hits.  We JAMMED OUT. Pretty sure everyone around us was annoyed at the way we were having so much fun singing and dancing. #sorrynotsorry


I don’t get to go to every show I want to (money and time) but when I do, they don’t disappoint.  SO GLAD we got to see Shania.

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