Letter to 21 Year Old Me

I’m linking up with Jake and Holly to write a letter to my 21 year old self.  It wasn’t that long ago..but this sounded like fun.  Here goes…
Dear 21 year old Brittney,
 21 year old me
How ya doing girl? Let me help you through this year. First off, set the expectations pretty low for your actual birthday.  You will be living alone 4 hours from home in a hotel room working an internship.  Sure, people will call on your birthday…but you will feel lonely instead of loved.  When you go to buy booze on your 21st birthday, the douche bag at the liquor store won’t even card you.  So you will drink your Mike’s Hard Lemonade alone in your hotel room home like a loser.  But don’t worry….your sweet boyfriend is coming for a fun weekend. His gift sucks (Bath and Body Works?  Really? and PS.  His gift giving abilities don’t improve too much) but he loves you…he just can’t figure out what to buy you.
21st birthday celebration.  That marg had pop rocks in it.  Yum.
Oh, by the way…that boy loves you.  Quit worrying about it.  You’re enough.  Stop trying to be different.  Eventually when you settle that you are enough the way you are, you are much happier.  He loves you for being prissy, klutsy, and bossy.  He actually LIKES those things about you.  So stop being different.  You’ll also eventually (almost) enjoy motorcycle rides with him…but when he takes you on a ride now, it’s ok to cry inside your helmet.  He will pretend not to notice your smeared mascara when you thank him for the ride.
Calm the crap down about Tiger Tunes (a show sororities/frats put on at college.  It was MY LIFE.)  Your club rocks the house, but you don’t even place.  It sucks, and your friends think you should be on suicide watch for 48 hours (and they might be right)…but there are much more important things in life.
Tiger Tunes- Tri Chi Sailors
Quit stuffing your face and start working out.  Seriously.  Getting a pre-diabetes diagnosis next year is freaking scary.  Stop going through Taco Bell at midnight.  Your hips don’t lie. (Plus, that boy is going to propose in the not-so-distant future and you won’t want to be a fat bride!).
You are about to go into your senior year of college.  You are freaked out about the future.  Keep working hard, apply to grad school (it’s a good decision), and find an internship.  Your friends who are lazy and don’t prepare are still without jobs.  You’ll be happier if you put the time in now.  
However, don’t withdraw from people.  I know you hate goodbyes.  But, by withdrawing from your friends…you miss out on some memory-making.  The goodbye will suck whether or not you pull away….so don’t.  
Spend time with your family.  Your friends are cool, your boyfriend is cool…but cherish that time with your family.  Gram falls and hits her head (and becomes a different person post-brain trauma), Dad gets Alzheimers, and poor Mom is taking care of everyone.  Life as you know it doesn’t last long.  Cherish it.
Get out there and make some GREAT memories.  That night getting drunktipsy with your friends?  Do it.  Sure, you broke all kinds of school rules (so sue me!), but you laughed until you cried. Being Tiger Tunes Director is great, so do it…even though it hurts in the end. Getting in the OBU fountain at midnight with your friends?  Awesomely fun. Do more of that crazy stuff.  You are a rule-follower, but it’s ok to be crazy once in a while.
Keep going girlfriend.  College is great.  21 is great.  But life later is awesome too.  You are so happy now. Keep being awesome.  And keep staying away from vodka.  That one bad experience wasn’t a fluke. Just stay away. You’ll thank me later.
Oh yeah, where did you put your 2009 Hanson.net members EP?  I freaking look for it EVERY TIME I visit home…but I can’t find it. Leave it on your desk and I’ll find it this weekend. K? Thanks.
Older and wiser (26 year old) you.


  1. I really enjoy reading your blog.
    You’ve inspired me to lose weight and be happy about myself.
    But I am also from Arkansas and I went to OBU’s sister college, so I feel like we are connected when I read your blog.

    Thanks for being an inspiration and being so honest.

  2. This made me laugh and cry….I love you!

  3. oh I love this

  4. The Tiger Tunes picture just had me rolling! LOL

  5. Great letter. Heck I cant believe I still have all my Hanson stuff. In a tub under my dresser. I have every poster that I had up. all the books. all the MOE books. Gosh why did it have to end. šŸ™

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