Licensed to Shimmy!

Saturday, I traveled to Harrison, AR to attend a Zumba certification workshop. Harrison is about 2 hours away, but since the workshop started bright and early at 8, there was no way I was leaving my house at 6 to get there in time. So I stayed with my Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry. They live just 30 minutes from Harrison. Aunt Bobby is so sweet and generous. Usually when we go there, we bring things to embroider with her fancy machine, but I didn’t this time. It just drove her crazy for me to leave empty handed….so she started showing me her cookbooks, her fabric collections….and I ended up with 6 cookbooks, 2 bolts of christmas fabric, a sewing pattern, and a set of homemade placemats that she made! ha!
I got to the workshop and immeadiately felt the fun and friendship. Most people were very friendly and the energy was high. We did a master class that was a bit over an hour that included every Zumba move we would be learning at the workshop. Then we alternated between dancing and learning techniques and sitting and learning how to market ourselves, teach and other things.
I joined the Zumba Instructor Network in order to stay connected with other instructors and continue my education. Now I am a part of the Zumba family!
This was me after our master class with my new instructor manual!

And at the end of a very long day….8-5 with 3-4 hours of that being dancing….. I am now a licensed Zumba instructor!

For now, until we move in May, I won’t really be teaching anywhere. But I’m hoping to find somewhere to teach 2-3 times a week once we move. I also might be able to teach at our church in Greenwood, as they have a workout room in their recreational facility. We will see what opportunities arise.
But I’m so glad I did this! For years, I have loved Zumba…and I really feel like I excelled at the training. In fact, a few people even asked if I was getting re-certified because I was so comfortable with the moves. ha! But I guess that’s what 7 years of Zumba will do for you!
I’m excited to see where this part of my life with take me!


  1. Congrats! This is awesome! I love zumba!

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