Life Lately

Life Lately

I’ve been a little behind on posting, but life has been going. Fast.

Between work, school, church, and life stuff, it feels like I hardly have time to stop and breathe.

But we are still having fun!

Remi girl got to go on her first tractor ride!  When we got back from Oklahoma, a neighbor was working in our pasture (long story, but we let them use our pasture for cows and hay since we don’t use it). She was watching him out the back door, so Tyler took her out there and asked our neighbor for a ride.

She was a little unsure, but I think she liked it.

She’s giving kisses ALL THE TIME.  Kissing her play pup pup (which made our poor dogs hide- they didn’t want all the lovings)

And she looked adorable before church.  She’s getting so big and we try to let her be independent- walking outside instead of being carried, etc.  She was enjoying exploring before church.

We got a little after nap snuggle time, and I got lots of kisses.

And apparently, she kisses kids at school. ha!  This is Beau, her favorite little boy to kiss.

And y’all.  She’s a monkey. Into everything. EVERYTHING.  Before church one morning, she was trying to climb this tub.  Oy.

Crazy girl! But just learning and growing so much.

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