Life Lately

Life Lately

Some random updates…

I’m SO GLAD Remi can still wear all of her Spring clothes. This slow grower is getting lots of wear out of her cute dresses.

CHEESE before church.

She LOVES “noonles” or noodles at our Chinese buffet for lunch after church. She will eat a huge plate of noodles, green beans, mushrooms, chicken and oranges. But she also LOVES soup and their bowls are perfectly for drinking it down.

That same afternoon, we went to see my dad and she kept hugging and kissing his leg. So sweet.

One afternoon my mom picked her up while I was working out and brought her to the gym. She’s been there before (mostly on weekends) but she likes watching.  As soon as my gloves came off, she wanted to wear them.

I posted on Facebook that I hope she is learning to be strong and take care of herself from me. I’m learning to do those things because of her.

She also kept saying “Hit! Hit!” so one of the trainers let her mit for a minute. She was all over it. We might have to enroll her in a kids kickboxing class when she’s bigger.

I made her some frozen pancakes for breakfast and she wanted to “cheese” with them.  Carried her plate right over to the step where we take pictures.  Silly goose.

We were putting her laundry away (we have her help us…never too early to start learning!) and she decided to put on some clothes.   A pair of shorts on one leg, a pajama shirt on the other.  Then her boots and her pageant sash.

She stayed like that for an hour or so until we went outside…then she had to ditch the extra clothing. But she was so proud of her outfit.

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