Life Lately (playing catch up)

Life Lately (playing catch up)

We’ve had lots of fun lately. Remi’s been enjoying chill time hanging out in our big bed. We don’t hate it, either! 🙂

Remi’s had an obsession with We Can Be Heroes on Netflix. It’s a sequel to Sharkboy and Lava Girl with their daughter, Guppy. She LOVES Guppy. Guppy wears sunglasses, so now Remi does, too!

She started soccer at the boys and girls club, and her first practice was VERY cold, but she did great and never complained.

We had to rearrange some (because dance was during soccer practices…so we moved dance to another night for a couple months), but she’s PUMPED about soccer.

Two things: 1) she loves to workout at home with me. This morning, she got up while I was working out, and she had to go put on a tank top since I had one on! Then she did some of the moves with me.

Then 2) she has been talking about legos, so I bought her a set and she’s LOVING them. I used to love legos as a kid, so I love watching her learn all about them!

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