Life Lately: An Update

Life Lately: An Update

Here’s an update of a few things that haven’t had a place anywhere on the blog.

A few weeks ago, Ragtime the Musical came to Fort Smith.  I often joke that there’s no replacement for actually seeing shows on Broadway.  The tours are kind of the B team, and the smaller shows that come to Fort Smith are sort of the C team.  Well, Ragtime blew that theory out of the water!  It was an AWESOME cast and a very moving story. And we had front row seats, which was awesome!


I recently bought an Every Day Journal and I’m loving it.  It has a page for every day- and five places on each day- so it will last 5 years.  You just record a small memory for each day.  I love to remember but I’m terrible at journaling.  This takes 2 seconds right before bed and allows me to keep track of special stuff.  And I like that it runs for 5 years so each year I can look back on the previous years.



The dogs (after a year together) have more than settled into being brothers.  While most of the time, Mikey is annoyed by Pippin’s playful ways, they are sweet sometimes. I loved when they were chillin in the same bed in the kitchen the other day.

We may not have our tree up yet (hopefully this weekend!) but I have put up all the other decorations.  I love the dining room all decked out in Christmas stuff.  

And lastly, I saw this online last week and it’s SO MY LIFE.


What’s new with you?



  1. I’m checking out that cute journal; love the way it’s structured! It also helps me to have something like that. I use a notebook and the Day One Journaling app on my phone and computer.

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