Life This Week

Life This Week

Here are this week’s highlights:


I think I’ve been voluntold to teach a Bible study next semester at church. ha! I was texting my pastor’s wife (who is in charge of the women’s ministry) about a book I’m loving…and I asked her if anyone was teaching the study next semester.  She responded with “You are!”  ha!  So I ordered the book to look over and borrowed the DVDs to check out.  The study is “Fight Back with Joy” (and you better believe if I teach it that I will blog about it!). I love the scripture memory verses in the back of the book including the first one from Psalm 16. 

On Monday night, we had a Christmas date. We went to dinner after work and ran a couple errands…and then we went to one of my favorite things: Creekmore Park.  This park in town gets decked out in Christmas lights. It’s free to walk around the trail and see the lights.  It was a great night for this- not too cold.  Because of that, it was BUSY.  There is also a train that costs just 25 cents to ride- and it takes you around the park.  The Rotary Club was giving out free hot cider- which was a nice treat, too!


Pippin is CRAZY.  He is 100% my dog.  This pup wants to be with me, sitting on me, being near me ALL THE TIME.  He will even sit on my shoulders like a parrot. I love it.

I love our Christmas Tree. That is all.

And in Pippin fashion, he joined me VERY CLOSELY as I did my Bible study the other morning. In case you can’t tell, he is laying his head on my tummy in between my book and my Bible. ha!


How has YOUR week been?  Any fun Christmas things going on?


  1. Ha – I love ‘voluntold’, that perfectly describes Rae! Sounds interesting, if I can work out my Wednesday night schedule – maybe I’ll be able to join!

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