Life Update: Lazy Weekend

Life Update: Lazy Weekend

I’m not doing weekend updates anymore because I’m now doing life updates.  Sometimes there are things from the week to highlight, but I have no good place to put them on the blog….so I’m going to update on life so I can cover more than Friday-Sunday.

Let’s start with a funny thing….Holly and I made the Hot Springs paper for the food packing at AWBU.  It was funny because you’re never too old for your Grandma to cut your picture out of the paper!  Mine sent me a copy of the paper (and of course, one for Holly too!), and it made me smile.

This long lazy weekend was great.  Lots of doggie snuggles, time for cleaning, and relaxing.

Pippin loves to be close to you.  Maybe too close.

On Saturday, I went with mom and dad to visit my Aunt Bobby and Uncle Jerry in north Arkansas.

The car ride was nuts.  Dad is anxious and he was NOT finding it funny that we were just driving for a long time (only 2.5 hours…but when you have no concept of time, it’s rough).  He kept telling mom to check her gas, to honk at the car in front of us to ask for directions….he was pretty uneasy.

But he enjoyed their visit.

Aunt Bobby is a character.  They live on a mountain in a cabin…and they feed the deer, skunks, and possums in their backyard.  A quiet life.

And I got Aunt Bobby to take her first selfie!  Got to keep the family members up on technology. I love this picture so much!

Randomly on Sunday, my hair had some texture to it….so I wore it scrunched up.  I did quite a bit of serving on Sunday.  I subbed my MIL’s life group of junior and senior girls, and then I served with the 2-year-olds.  It was a busy, wonderful day full of loving on kids for Jesus.

Sunday after church, the family from Hot Springs came to town and met us for lunch. It was great to see them, and Sunday night, we had a cookout and then made smores around the campfire.  Gotta love a good photo bomb, Tyler! ha!

I spent Labor Day cleaning the house. I mean deep cleaning.  Cleaning ceiling fans, baseboards, floors, wiping down cobwebs….it was needed. Then Tyler and I watched a movie and had ice cream sundaes. 🙂 Always a must for holiday weekends.

I’m headed out of town for the week all week, so hopefully I’ll have some time to post at night in the hotel.

I’m also diving into some books and even a couple of audio books while traveling, I’ll have some reviews for you on that, too.


How was your weekend?  Are you as ready for fall as I am?  I’d love to hear about your 3-day weekend!


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