Life Update: Still Alive, Barely

Life Update: Still Alive, Barely

Whew!  I just got back to the land of the living from a TERRIBLE stomach bug.

Like, lost 10 pounds over 3 days stomach bug. (hey, it wasn’t all bad!)

Before that, I had a great week.

When I got back from Cleveland, I started my week off with a girls’ night at my friend Holly’s house.  She prepared a SPREAD for us and we talked, played games, ate, and enjoyed some wine (because girls’ night!).

On Wednesday after church, Tyler and I went to play tennis (please read that as Tyler suffered through my terrible athletic ability while trying to teach me how to play tennis and I try not to get frustrated at my lack of sportiness).

It was a beautiful night, and aside from my lack of ability, a great fun time.

Friday evening, I had a friend date with Rachel. We went to eat at Landry’s and then to see a murder mystery at the Little Theater.  Well, that fun got cut short when I got really sick at intermission.  Enter stomach bug. Ugh.  We have plans to go back this weekend to see how the play ends.  It was hilarious and wonderful and we have to know who the killer was!

So since the terrible bug hit me Friday night, I spent the rest of my weekend doing this…laying in bed, alternating sleeping and watching mindless television, covered in dogs.  They know when you don’t feel good, and they stick by your side.

The fever FINALLY went away Monday morning when I woke up.  I was glad to be feeling better, especially since we were celebrating Tyler’s birthday Monday night.  He hit 30 over the weekend, which was cause for celebration!  The whole family went out to eat at Bricktown Brewery, and he enjoyed this “29 and Holding” cookie cake!  Happy birthday, babe! 

I’m so glad to be over this sickness, and will be compulsively washing my hands until we return from our Las Vegas trip in a couple weeks because I sure don’t want another round of sickness before then!


How’s life been for you?


  1. Yikes!!! That stomach bug sounds terrible (except for the weight loss, obviously- win!!)! I hope you feel all better soon!

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