Life’s Little Pleasures

Lunch with a friend. (Specifically, lunch with Brandy at Tassanee’s.  Yum)

Coupons coming at just the right time before you buy something.

A good hair day. (lots of volume, everything is in the right place, good bang swoop)

Letters in the mail, instead of bills.

Snuggling with my puppy. (bonus if I’m also under a blanket)

Pretty sunsets.

A dance floor with great music playing.

Driving with the windows down.

Dangly earrings. (Bonus if they are leopard and/or sparkly)


Holding hands in the car.

Watching baptisms. (I cry every time!)

Chick-fil-a Diet Lemonade. (large, easy on the ice)

Stepping on crunchy leaves.

I’d love to hear some of life’s little pleasures that you enjoy!


  1. definitely coupons coming right before you buy something. that totally justifies buying it right? i was needing some body spray the other day and literally that day i opened the mail to find a 20%off coupon to bath and body works..score! totally made my day.

  2. A good hair day.. *sigh* been awhile since I’ve had one of those! haha

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