Lights, Camera, Action!

I was lucky enough yesterday to be involved in something really cool at work.
I work for a national moving company called U-Pack, and they were redoing their DVD that they send to customers.  They asked me to be “on screen talent” and be in the DVD.  I was playing the wife of a couple moving using our ReloCube.
It was a long day, but fun. It was legit, too.  Real production crew, huge post-production RV, lots of equipment, and a real Hollywood star (more about that in a few!)
Setting up for the first shot of the morning.

A coworker snapped some pics while we were filming.  This is me, Rossi Morreale (real TV host…from Junkyard Wars, Escape Route, and Can You Duet), and my “husband” for the day- my coworker Drew.

We did all the moving stuff…prepping, packing, loading…it was a full day with lots of shots.

Then Rossi got to do his thing and host the DVD with lots of one-on-one stuff.  It was fun to watch.

When I was in junior high, I was the “talent” for some commercials when we lived in Branson…and then in college I interned at a TV station in Branson (we lived part time in Branson for a few years)…but it has been years since I have been on camera or on set. It was fun!  If any of the videos go online, I’ll be sure to share them. 🙂
So, that was my 15 minutes of fame at work.  It was fun to do something different.

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