A little more AWBU love

A little more AWBU love

Ok, I am still talking about AWBU.  Can’t stop.  Won’t stop.

There were so many good things crammed into a couple days, I’m still breaking it down.


AWBU hosted a handmade market where bloggers who made things could sell them.  It was so fun to shop.  I bought a CUTE wooden necklace from my friend Sarah.  These are now in her store! Check out her Etsy here.

Made in the South wooden necklace


The first night on our way to Rogers Little Theater, I met a fun friend.  Her name was Jen, and she blogs over at Coffee with Jen. We got to hang quite a bit over the weekend (conference meals, dinner Saturday, etc.) and she was just so fun. She blogs about her life, and my favorite stuff of her site are her day trips around the NWA area.  SO fun!

Me with Jen from Coffee with Jen

At Sunday’s group session, Alliance Rubber sponsored a “Shark Tank” contest.  Each group was given a BIG basket of rubber band products (who knew there were so many!? I’ll talk more about Alliance Rubber later!), and tasked to create a “product” and sell it to the panel of judges.

My group created a “line of vlogging tools” that we called the “Vlog Tog.”  We basically used the rubber bands to think of every way you could attach your phone to objects (your craft supplies, your head, etc)…and we won the contest!  We won $15 Container Store gift cards! Woop!

Here is team Vlog Tog.

AWBU Shark Tank

Photo credit to Gina


One special part of the weekend was getting to catch up with this friend – Keisha from Big Pitt Stop.  We go way back.  Keisha worked at Ouachita when I was a student, but we ended up working together a lot and became friends.  She’s been an active part of AWBU for a while…so it was fun to join her there.  Check out her blog, and also her Etsy shop- K Cutie Designs (which has ADORABLE dresses for kids and adults in it!).

Me and Keisha from Big Pitt Stop


One more highlight was meeting a girl from my hometown.  We actually went to the same high school, but she was a few years younger than me…so we were never there at the same time.  It was quite funny, actually.  We were sitting by each other at the Alliance Rubber presentation. Alliance is headquartered in my hometown of Hot Springs.  The video starts playing, and she goes “Oh…that’s my hometown!” And I’m like “Shut up! Mine too!” And then we freaked out and talked through the first couple of minutes of the video figuring out our connections.  So this is Mollie from Hot Springs.

Friends at AWBU


Ok, so enough details about AWBU I suppose.  Tomorrow I’ll give you a recipe I learned at Foodie Friday…and then Friday I’ll outline some improvements/changes coming to Razorback Britt for Friday Five.

Hope you have a great day!  Have you ever met blogging friends in real life? Tell me about it!


  1. Thanks for the shoutout! Just added the necklaces to my store! https://www.etsy.com/shop/sarahshottsnwa?ref=hdr_shop_menu

  2. It was SO great meeting you! Hope to cross paths again soon:) Love your blog, too!

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