Little Buy Little

While we have everything we need, I know there are lots of things we will need once we get into the new house.

For the simple fact, its much bigger. So more furniture, wall stuff….an extra bedroom…and stuff for spaces we don’t currently have (like a dining room).

Tyler hates the idea of moving more stuff than we have to, but I can’t imagine waiting to buy things for the house until after we move in. We know that we will spread out the buying so it doesn’t hit our wallets all at once.

So for me, that means buying a few things here and there along the way. Things I know we will need. (Just don’t tell Tyler!)

For example, I bought a few wall decorations and things this past weekend at Oops and Hobby Lobby. (Can we have a moment of praise for the amazingness that is Oops. It is a “factory reject” type of store here…but everything is soooo cheap. And most things are rejected because of very small, unnoticeable errors…such as the wrong color or size. I got some awesome decor items there this weekend). I would show you pictures, but I already boxed this stuff up as I’m starting to pack.

I also ordered a few things from ABC Distributing. I also love this little catalog. My mom and mother-in-law both get this catalog. At Christmas, I dog-eared some pages for them…and the stuff I got was so inexpensive, but good quality. I just ordered:

This around the door frame thingy…for only $13.95! Not sure which doorway it will go over, but I love it!

And I got this for the mudroom. We will enter into the mudroom from the garage, so I know it will be a “dumping ground” but I want it organized. I have seen these things for like $60-100…and this one is only $29.95!
So while my husband may not agree, I think by buying little by little, I am getting great deals and spreading out our spending!

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