Little Miss Personality

Little Miss Personality

Of course our daughter has a big personality. She can’t help it. We’re both crazy.

Last night, Tyler said, “I mean, I think she’s special because she’s my kid.  But she’s just got a bigger personality than the other kids around her.” And she does.  We hear her squealing at daycare playing when we walk in.  She jumps up and down when we go get her. She’s just so joyful and exuberant. And we love it.

She LOVED when the family was over for Nancy’s birthday dinner.  Attention and being the center of it is her fave.

She’s also SO sweet. She hugs strangers at the mall.  She kissed our waitress at dinner.  She gives so. many. hugs.

We love to eat out with her.  She’s doing a great job at handling plates, eating, and she is so fun to watch interact with our servers and the other patrons.

She also can be still and contemplative. She likes to look at and mess with something until she figures it out. She loves watching me get ready- and then she’ll grab a makeup brush and use it just like I did.

She is a WILD dancer. She loves her hip hop goose and GETS DOWN with him daily.

She’s so playful and busy. It is tiring, but I love how fun she is!


She is just the best.

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