Long Lost Engagement Pics

Our wonderful photographer also found our engagement pics (see long lost bridals here!).  Again, he gave us a gallery to look at…but we never had the images until now.  So here they are!

We took our engagement pictures in downtown Fort Smith.  This is like behind the post office.

We did an impromptu shoot on a motorcycle in the Expo center parking lot!

And we found a field just across the border in Oklahoma.  Beautiful tall grass.  It was pretty itchy, though.

We brought our hats to show our family divided between OU and Arkansas.


  1. I love the last hat in black and white! Too funny. Our house is kind of like that but with NFL. His daddy and I LOVE the Patriots (I grew up a stone’s throw away from the stadium) and he HATES them.

  2. These are GREAT!!!!!

  3. yall are so cute!! love them all!

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