Long New Years Weekend

Long New Years Weekend

I had four days off work for the New Year’s weekend (well, I naturally had Saturday and Sunday, I took Monday off and Tuesday was New Years Day, so we were off work).  We packed a lot into those 4 days.

We decided to take Remi to her first movie! A local spot was showing Frozen (and it was pretty cheap!) so we thought we would try.  She made it a little over an hour (might have been more if she had more popcorn!) but then started moving around, wanting to potty/get up and being loud, so we left. But it was a fun experiment!

They had Elsa there to take pictures before the movie, and our girl jumped right in and loved on Elsa.  Elsa also came out and sang Let It Go before the movie!


Sunday, it was COLD, so we wore our matching red coats to church. She was pretty excited to match momma.

That afternoon, she FINALLY put on all of her princess stuff from her birthday. She’s played with pieces of it, but she finally wanted the dress all the way on and then she fully accessorized.


Monday, we spent the afternoon working on her room so we can (hopefully) transition to a toddler bed soon.  We needed to anchor the furniture and work on a few toddler-proofing things, and we got it all done!


We also decided to hit up the park since it was in the 50s. We took her doll stroller and she LOVED pushing her babies around. ALLLLLL her babies. I think there are 5 things in that stroller.


Monday evening after the park, we met up with some of our family for Mexican food and an early New Year’s Eve. Remi LOVES playing with Kelsey and Brad and Uncle White (Uncle Dwight…but he has white hair, so he gets called Uncle White). She shared their food and drinks and laughed a lot at their antics. We love family time!

Tyler and I were boring on NYE. We watched some Netflix and went to bed before midnight. He had to be up at 3:30 to go to work, so no crazy partying for us!

On Tuesday, she and I played at home while daddy worked. Then we went to my friend Brandy’s dance fitness class with my mom. I thought Remi would sit in her stroller like she does at 9Round. NOPE. She wasn’t sitting still for dancing.

She wanted OUT and she quickly got her confidence and danced around the room. To be honest, I was nervous because I didn’t want her to get hurt (we move around a lot) or inhibit someone else from fully working out, but the ladies were so nice.

She even helped Brandy at the front for a bit!


It’s a bit strange to be back into normal routine after two weeks of holidays….but it’s back to real life (for a month at least, until our vacation!).

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