Looking a Lot Like Christmas

Looking a Lot Like Christmas

After church one evening, we decided to take advantage of a little free time and went looking for Christmas lights.  Our little town has a drive thru display at the park. Remi loves unbuckling and riding around.

Her biggest reaction was the firetruck!


They also have a great tunnel of lights, so we had to get out and run through it!  Remi did several laps running up and down through the laps. We loved it!


It’s been SO FUN to have Cousin Caitlyn (KK) here for college. We were glad she could join us for the lights!


We also stopped by a house that had an amazing light display set to music.  We watched like 4 songs that were all different. It was SO cool. Remi LOVED this.  she kept finding new things- “Look!  There’s Santa!  Look!  A star!  Oh I see baby Jesus!”  Since it was a Wednesday night, nothing was busy and it was so fun to just sit and watch.


Remi also wanted to pose by the tree with her “not spicy” candy cane.  She finds peppermint “spicy” so I bought her a fruit one at a store downtown. She was SO excited.


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