Losing Steam

I’m so close to the end, and I’m sad to say, I might be losing a bit of steam.

I was so productive the past two weeks.

I only have to edit 3 papers, and write 1 more (15-20 pages).

I was going to go to the library all day tomorrow, but I’m going to look at a house!

Such an answered prayer! Tyler and I prayed together the other night that some door would open up for the perfect place…and it might have! We found one townhouse 10 minutes south of town. It would cut 10 minutes both ways off Ty’s drive…and it was a little bigger and in ok shape.

But today, I called on a house 10 minutes further south (which is REALLY where we were trying to go to cut 20 minutes both ways off Tyler’s drive) and the owner agreed to lease it to us for a year! I’m going to see inside it tomorrow! And get this…its all redone inside! woohoo! I hope nothing goes wrong with it! I’m so excited that it might work out. God is so faithful!

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