Low Carb Baked Sub Unwich

Low Carb Baked Sub Unwich

I love a good nice sandwich, but eating low carb means no bread.  While there are some good substitutes for biscuits and sliced bread….I’ve yet to find any sub sandwich style low carb substitutes (lots of S’s there).  I wanted the flavor of a warm sandwich without the carbs.

It’s not pretty, but it’s yummy!  Tyler (who doesn’t eat low carb) and my mom (who does) both enjoyed this.

You can also customize this however you want.


  • 16 slices deli ham (make sure it’s not honey ham, watch the carb count!)
  • 16 slices deli turkey
  • 8 slices cheese (I used swiss)
  • sliced dill picked (I used Clausen’s- found in the deli meat section)
  • Some sort of mustard/mayo or both – I used a garlic aoli mustard
  • Italian seasoning
  • You could also used sliced tomatoes, onions or even lettuce, or other deli meats like pastrami or roast beef.  Make it your own!

Layer the ingredients like lasagna in an 8×8 pan!  Mine was: ham (8 slices, sort of doubled up), Italian seasoning, cheese, mustard, pickles, turkey (8 slices), Italian seasoning, cheese and repeat (except I put the last slice of cheese on top). It made 2 layers.  You can do more if you want.  Bake at 350 until bubbly and melty!  Makes 4 servings.



  1. Do you have a carb count for yours

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