Low Key New Year

Low Key New Year

We rang in the new year pretty low key.  Tuesday evening, we did decide to go see a movie at Movie Lounge just to get out of the house.  Some friends of mine were having a party, but my sinus/cold/icky feeling is back…and I just didn’t feel like an all-night big shindig (or making my friends sick)…so we saw the movie and came home.
I had to laugh though.  The Movie Lounge had lots going on for NYE.  A party in their restarurant.  Lots of late night movies (which we didn’t see…we were gone by 8:30!), a dance party in their event center, and a “ball drop and family fun event” in the parking lot.  The “family fun event” was one bounce house and some sodas on a cart.  And the ball?  It looked like 6 hula hoops and some Christmas lights.  NOT super exciting.
We were asleep before midnight and got up to eat breakfast with family.  Then we hit up Dillards.  Three years in a row…this is now a tradition. We got some GREAT deals (after waiting in slow moving lines) including these cuuuute Ralph Lauren shoes.  I LOVE this big sale.  Every department has sales, and the sale priced stuff is 50% off.  I mean, I got these shoes for $19.  Tyler got 4 pairs of jeans (Nautica and Lucky) and 4 Lucky shirts for $150.  And I got two pairs of shoes, 3 dresses and a top for $100.  GREAT deals.  We also got some new couch pillows (Hallelujah!!) and some house ware stuff.  Good deals.

We left the mall at 2 (and yes, we were there at 10 when they opened!) and I took a nap and chilled and rested while Tyler hunted.  He actually shot at a deer, but he missed.  🙁  But, it’s the first time one got close enough for him to attempt with his bow…so that’s a win!  Here’s hoping that they show up this weekend.  I want some deer chili! 🙂
Anyway….happy new year.  I’m excited to see how this year pans out.  So far, so good.


  1. Ohhh, those heels are FAB! Sorry you’ve been sick..the cold is going around our house and now EVERYONE has it. Even my baby and now today, ME:(

  2. I so wish we had a Dillards around us, I grew up with one in Florida and I always hear good things about their New Year’s Day sale. I would have LOVED to go and get Christmas outfits for Lilly for next year!!!…and maybe some stuff for me too! I LOVE your shoes!

  3. SUPER cute shoes!!! And oh man…venison in chili is the BEST!! I have a pack in my freezer right now…just waiting for the perfect moment to bust it out!!

  4. those shoes are cuuuute!! but let’s be honest, you can’t go wrong with zebra print. 🙂 what movie did y’all see?

    happy new year, brittney!

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