“Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”

That quote couldn’t have been more true for Sarah Horn.

I freaking love this story.

Sarah, a music teacher (that I heard about because she went to college with a friend of mine) went to see Kristin Chenowith at the Hollywood Bowl.  During the show, Sarah was called to the stage to sing “For Good” with Kristin (cue freak out!).  Instead of freaking out, she used her talents and blew them out of the water.

Just listen.  AMAZING.

I don’t know what opportunities may arise from my preparations, but I hope someday I can do something awesome like this.  Maybe it’s with my faith, Zumba, Hanson, singing, writing….but all this hard work will pay off into something random and wonderful someday. 🙂


  1. Thats awesome! Someday??!! Girl God is using you today!!!!

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