Lunch Dates with Myself

Call me crazy, but I don’t hate being alone.  I love being social, but sometimes I just like to be by myself.  One way I fill that need is to go on a lunch date with myself.
I don’t feel terribly awkward (once you start going by yourself, you’ll see it’s not all that bad.  Most other patrons don’t pay you any mind).  I go wherever I’m craving and sit and read the Nook app on my phone.
I had set out earlier this week for some Mediterranean food. I was wanting something with heavy flavor and was hoping for a gyro.  Well, that placed was closed, and the next best sounding option was spicy food.  There’s a place across the mall with Vietnamese, Chinese, and Thai that I came to on my quest for my lunch.
I popped in.  Since I had wasted a few minutes driving to the closed spot, I thought about getting it to go and eating back at work.  But I got inside and it was TOTALLY empty and I just decided to enjoy the quiet.
They brought me shrimp crackers.  Oddly savory and crunchy.
I got medium spicy pad Thai and an egg roll.  I ate about half of it.  It hit the spot.  
The weird smell on incense burning was a little bit of a put off….but it was a good time just relaxing.  I read Bossypants and laughed out loud a time or two.  Good thing I don’t mind. 🙂
I think everyone should be comfortable doing things alone, including eating alone.  It’s just nice sometimes to sit, read, people watch, and enjoy your own company.


  1. My husband and I think we have found the best Thai place in Fort Smith. It is off of Rogers across from Lowes In the same building as Firehouse Subs. Just thought you might want to try it out. I always love finding local bloggers. Take care.

  2. I totally agree with you about being alone! I love time to myself. I walked around the city for a few hours by myself the other day and really enjoyed people watching and taking in my surroundings.

  3. Goes along with the saying, “Don’t expect someone else to love you if you can’t love yourself.”

    I think it’s important to enjoy being alone. If we can’t entertain ourselves, how are we suppose to entertain anyone else? LOL

  4. I love alone time! The pad Thai looks yummy! Incense? Odd.

  5. What is the Thai place called? It looks good!

  6. I agree! I think being an extrovert can be tiring sometimes so it is great to hang by yourself. I especially love going to movies by myself. That is addicting.

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