Making Memories with Family and Friends

Making Memories with Family and Friends

Just documenting some fun moments we’ve had lately.

We took a family 4 wheeler ride to the pond to feed catfish. This night was so fun. Remi was really into feeding the catfish and even created a little game where she tried to hit the blades of grass with the catfish feed.


My bestie Alden and her little girl Avery came to visit and we had the BEST TIME.

The girls played SO well together. It was awesome to do life with them for the weekend.

When they woke up, they wanted to go outside and play, so they “cooked” us breakfast.


Then when I was getting ready, they both wanted to get ready with me. They grabbed my brushes and walked around singing “Makeup makeup”.  I never could catch them in the same frame together, but they were so sweet.


We all went to church together. And I just LOVE this picture of the 4 of us. Framer.


Sunday night, Alden and I went to a concert (more on that later) but these two had a slumber party with Mimi, Gigi and Tyler. They came in from playing outside and then snuggled in for some TV.


We are so blessed with wonderful family and friends to make memories with.

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