Man oh man.
I was told on the phone today I’m a spitfire.  Guess I am.  I’ll take it.
I got a letter in the mail that lit my fire.
Around here, when you move to a new spot of land, you get your address from the Western Arkansas Planning and Development.  They give you an address.  Its simple.
Well, our road’s addresses are a bit wonky.  They go down…7000,6900, 6800, 6700, 6600…then back up…6500, 6600, 6700…..and our address is on the wonky end.
I knew it was strange, but its the address they gave us.
We have lived with that address for 6 months+.  And today I get a letter in the mail that our address is wrong, our mail service could be stopped, and we must change our address.
I called to talk to someone.
First, I wanted to know when our mail service would stop.
Second, I wanted to know why it was messed up in the first place.
Third, I want to know why the new address still doesn’t seem right.  It correctly should be 6500something….but the new one is just 20 numbers away from our current. Like from 6840 to 6820.  Not correct.
Fourth, I want to know if they are doing this to all the 5-10 houses incorrectly numbered.
Fifth, I want to know who is going to pay me for the time off work its going to take to call and go change my address everywhere (for instance, our electric company, you have to make those requests in person…and the office is 30 minutes away).  I will have to miss work to correct THEIR mistake.
I was explaining this on the phone to a man who basically told me “Dear, you are a spitfire.  Our office ladies are out today for remodeling in the office.  You’ll have to call back Monday to talk to one of them.”
Great.  I promise they haven’t heard the last of me.  Don’t get me wrong.  I am nice, I am polite, but I get to the bottom of the issue and I get what I want (or get them to come to a good conclusion).  And I’m not stopping till they answer all my questions.
So spitfire it is.

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Man oh Man!

Ya’ll this has to be the best Friday I’ve had in a long time!

Why you ask?

-I got to work at 8 and was in a quick meeting, then I got to go help deliver a car to a customer and that kept me away from my desk until almost 11! Yeah for fieldtrips! I went with Janet, who is the most delightfully sweet lady, who happens to be a salesperson here at the dealership. It was fun to talk to the customer (I hardly ever get to do that), and also fun to get away from my desk!

-A vendor called to tell me they were bringing me “something special” this afternoon. I love surprises (and gifts!)

-My mom and cousins will be back tonight (they went to Branson after our little visit Tuesday evening) and we are hitting up my favorite boutique after work (so mom can check it out!) and then we are going to CHUCK E CHEESE! Ah! The 5 year old inside me is screaming! I can’t wait to eat pizza and play ski-ball and hit the gopher into the hole (you know what game I’m talking about, right?) I might even just give good old Chuck a hug too!

Man oh man this is a great day! Hope you are having a fun Friday! 🙂

Enjoy your weekend!

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