Mary and Martha: Making Choices

I was catching up on my Life Group’s lessons.  I missed a couple weeks ago for homecoming, and Sunday I was in the nursery…so I have some catching up to do.

The lesson was on Mary and Martha.

I thought “Blah blah blah…don’t be too type A.  Spend time with Jesus.  Blah blah blah.”

I’ve heard it before.

But this time, it was a little different.  It was more about making choices with your time.  Choosing when to be intentional, and when to get things done.  When to sit and focus, and when to change your priorities.  This study said that the heart of this story is that Jesus was focused on where the two were placing their priorities.

I’ve been changing my priorities lately.  Taking more time with family, taking time to relax, spending time with the people I love.  Saying “No” a little more.

I’ve been asked to do some more things lately.  Things that are good.  Things that are “holy.” Opportunities for ministry.  Opportunities to spend time with great people.  But I think I hear the Lord gently whispering, “Where are your priorities?”  I think I need to stay focused on creating calm in my life without glorifying busy and stress. I think I have to say “No.” 

I’m thankful for clearly hearing God’s voice and guidance. But I HATE letting people down.  But I have to remember, following God looks different for me than it does for others.  For me, right now, I have to listena and obey.


  1. We are RIGHT on the same page, girlfriend. I love it. Glory to God!!!


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