Master Bath and Closet

I love the warmth of our bathroom. This is the view from the doorway.

The rug in front of the shower.

The precious shower hooks.

The shower…His and Hers!

Inside our beautiful custom marble shower.

Towels and a cute tiger cross.

Hamper and a nice framed reminder “Every day is a gift” leading into the closet.

The potty stall.

The jacuzzi tub.

This shelf and RELAX is hanging at the other end of the tub.

Sinks and vanity. And my adorable giraffe stool.

The linen cabinet.

The closet.

My jewelry.
My shoes.

My side of the closet.

Dresses in the back of the closet.

Ty’s side of the closet.

And that’s the whole house!


  1. Awesome! Love it girl! You have a beautiful home! Thanks for the tour!

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