May The Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

So I am obsessed with The Hunger Games.  I read the books and fell in love.  I am about to start re-reading them again (in my spare time…what is that?).  The story just took its place deep in my heart and soul.  I can’t describe how much I love these books. (the only thing I can equate it to is my Harry Potter loving friends who were obsessed…I feel like that).

Well, tickets for the movie came out like a week ago…but our little theater here only had pre-sale tickets for the midnight showing.  Well me and some girlfriends (some who are moms…and several of us work) couldn’t make it to the midnight showing….so we wanted to go to the evening show on Friday.  But they didn’t have tickets yet.

Well today, I was on their website and they had tickets!!! AAHHH!  So I got tickets for our whole group of 8 to see THE HUUUUUNGER GAAAAAMES (yes, you should read that like Oprah).

Let the games begin…

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