Meet Mikey!

Well, we now have a furbaby. His name is Mikey.
Mikey became ours rather abruptly. A friend of Tyler’s family had posted on facebook about having a dog to give away. It was a shitzhu and they have one (and love him) and went to look at this other dog. Well, Mikey’s home wasn’t a great home…he was mistreated, unkept (matted up, his eyes were so dirty, and he was flea covered), not to mention he basically lived in their little pet carrier and was only let out to go outside. Tyler and his mom couldn’t bare to leave him there, so they took him. They went straight to the groomers where he was de-flead and cleaned up. And now he’s ours!
He spent the first night at Ty’s moms (during the snow storm) and then last night here. He is 4-5 years old and potty trained, so he was a pleasure last night. He is super playful and fun, and is pretty smart. He is loving his new toy we gave him!He will be our dog…but he may not be able to live with us. Our landlord has a clause in our lease about pets with a pet deposit upon approval, so we are just waiting on the go-ahead. (And for now, we are just sneaking him…shhh! don’t tell!). Hopefully, we will be allowed to keep him here with us. If not, Ty’s mom will keep him until we move in May.

But we sure are in love with this little guy! He has made himself right at home and taken right to us!


  1. LOVE HIM! So sweet! =)

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