Meet the Ladies of LuLaRoe

Meet the Ladies of LuLaRoe

After my short first outfit post last week, I got a couple questions from friends wondering what all styles are available through LuLaRoe (and how things fit). Well, I’m happy to go over those for you!

I don’t have a piece in all of the styles, but I’ve tried on a lot, so hopefully I can help. If you have any additional questions, come join our FB group and let my friend Laura (a LLR consultant) answer them. She’s the expert!

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*Just a disclaimer that I’m NOT going to cover ALL of the styles. There are some men’s shirts and kids clothes that I can’t speak to since I’ve never seen them in person.*

All images are from LuLaRoe.

And remember, all of these pieces come in COUNTLESS prints and colors, so it’s not like you say “I want a polka dot Amelia, I’m going to order that!” Instead, a consultant gets a random assortment of prints and you shop from those. If you have a print you love, you might have to make friends with a few different consultants to find it.

Let’s start with the classics.

First up is leggings.  Leggings come in two adult sizes- OS (one size) and TC (tall and curvy).  OS is like 2-12 size and TC is 12-22.  I can wear both at a curvy 12-14, but prefer TC.  TC are also longer. They are SO soft like butter.


Next up is the Irma. A dolman style that’s longer in the back (great with leggings!). They are sized generously, so most people size down a size or two. I wear a large, but can also wear a medium if I want it more fitted or an XL if I want it big.


Everyone’s favorite is the Carly.  It’s a loose T-shirt style dress (usually with a chest pocket, but I’ve seen some without). It’s longer in the back, but nice and long length in front to be modest and work appropriate. Most people size down 1-2 sizes depending on how they want it to fit. There’s like 20 ways to wear this! I’ll be showing several of them this month. I wear a large, but can go from medium to XL in this. carly

This is a classic T. It’s a scoop neck and looser fit. True to size. Size up if you want it looser. I wear a L or XL.


This is a Perfect T. It’s looser than a Classic T. It  has two little slits on the side that you can tie up all cute.  Most people can size down one size in this if they want. I’m a L in a Perfect T. perfect t

This is a Randy, a baseball-style T. It’s a little more fitted so I size up. I wear an XL or even XXL if I want it loose.


This dress is an Amelia. She’s got a zipper in the back, sleeves, a defined waist, and cute box pleated skirt. The length is AWESOME. No wardrobe malfunctions here. I have both a L and XL in Amelia.  Some women who breastfeed wear it backwards so they can unzip the front and feed!


This is Nicole. She just slips on, has a waist and a loose, flowy skirt. I have a L in Nicole but could also wear an XL. Shoutout to the longer sleeves on this dress. Very flattering.


This is Ana. She’s one of my faves! Like a Nicole, but full length. A defined waist, so very flattering, but a little longer sleeves and a flowy maxi skirt. I wear an XL in Ana, but could probably also do a L.


This is Jill.  She’s a midi-length pleated skirt.  SO flattering.  I love wearing Jill with a T-shirt tucked in. Instant polish! I bought my first one pregnant, so I bought an XL, but I could totally also wear a L. She’s got a big stretchy waistband.jill

This is the LuLaRoe maxi skirt. I don’t have one, but I’ve tried them on. I would size down in a M or L. It has a forgiving yoga-style waistband and can be pulled up higher if you’re a little shorter or worn on the hips if you’re tall.


This is Julia. She’s a more fitted dress. Most people size up in this. I don’t have one, but would wear an XL or XXL. I’ve also seen people tuck this under into a tunic length with leggings!


This is a Cassie. She’s a stretchy pencil skirt and is MAGIC. So comfortable with a thicker (not tight) waistband. Cute with something tucked in, but also cute with a flowy top. Also can be worn as an infinity scarf – so if you find a print you love that isn’t your size, grab it and scarf it!cassie

This is an Azure skirt. It’s flowy with a yoga-style waist, sort of like a midi-length of the maxi. You could easily size down in this. asure

Madison is a box-pleated skirt.Kind of like the Amelia dress, but just the bottom. VERY flattering, especially for us with wider hips.madison

This is Lucy. A maxi-length with the thicker waistband. Most Lucy skirts have a chiffon top over a liner.


Lola is like a shorter Lucy. Most are topped with lace or chiffon.lola

Now on to toppers.

This is a Lindsay cardigan. Flowy, easy to wear. I size down in this, wearing a M. lindsay

This is a Monroe. She’s a flowy cardigan with fringe. You could also size down in this. monroe

Meet Joy. She’s a long vest. Most I’ve seen are lace, but there are other fabrics as

This is Sarah, a long, long-sleeve cardigan. Depending on the fabric, they fit pretty true to size, or you can size down one. I wear a large.sarah

This is Jordan, a long athletic pant. I have a pair. They are wicking fabric and aren’t super stretchy, but have more of a compression quality. I wear a L.jordan

And lastly, this is Jade, a capri legnth workout pant. Also wicking fabric. I liked the fit of these a bit better than Jordan.  I also wear a L. jade

So those are the LuLaRoe ladies (or the styles!). Come shop with us on February 4 and find some new friends! Join our FB group to learn more about the sale!

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