Meeting Auntie Paula!

Meeting Auntie Paula!

My half-sister Paula lives in California, so we don’t get to see her often. In fact, the last time she was in to visit was the weekend I found out I was pregnant!

Remi has heard ALL about her Auntie Paula, and she’s sent us some very sweet gifts that Remi loves….so she was SO EXCITED to meet her!

She took right to her and wanted to give her a big hug.

Paula went to visit dad, we had lunch together, and then we all went downtown for dinner.  Remi wanted to go look at the statue (she really wanted to ride it! ha!)


It was just so nice to visit and all be together. (blurry photo, but fun memories!)


Paula lives near San Diego, so I think we are gonna have to go visit soon! There’s a lot of fun stuff to do, and we can spend it with her fun Auntie Paula!


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