Meeting Santa!

Meeting Santa!

Silver Dollar City sold tickets for a Santa Lunch, and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity for our Santa visit. And I was right! It was PERFECT.

We got our food and sat down…and the big man showed up. Remi was SO excited!


Santa talked to the kids, recited the Night Before Christmas and then he told the REAL Christmas Story from the Bible. I LOVE that Santa talks about that.

They went around getting each table up one at a time. Thankfully, we had a great closer seat, so we didn’t wait long.  They didn’t rush you at all. Remi was pumped to meet Santa.


She knew what she wanted to ask Santa for- a  “big giant” Peppa Pig House- and she was so ready to tell him that she didn’t want to him to ask her what she wanted. She said “Santa, can I have a big Peppa Pig house?” Hahaha So bold of her!


She also got to meet the elf and the penguin.


This lunch was one of the reasons I love SDC.  Not ashamed to talk about God. Small enough for personal attention.  Laid back and personal- everyone spoke to every kid. And great food!

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