Memorial Day: Part 1 Horse Camp

Memorial Day: Part 1 Horse Camp

We packed a LOT of fun into our Memorial Day Weekend. So much so that I’m breaking it down into 4 posts- one for each day!

We worked on Friday, but we headed south after work to visit Gigi at horse camp! She and her brother go camp and ride all weekend, and we’ve been down there once before. And Remi LOVES it.

She loves to see the horses (we go feed them, give them treats and she rides around the camp). And to be honest, it’s the kind of old-fashioned fun that I love to give her.

We got there and hung out a bit and she had to ride! She LOVES riding around the camp because everyone waves at her.


We played games- kicking the soccer ball, and making up our own games with frisbees and other toys that Nancy brought with her.


We grilled out for dinner- nothing is better than a hot dog when you’re hanging outside!

Then we walked down to the pond and skipped stones/threw rocks in the water. We hung out until dark and then headed back home.


It was a fun start to our weekend!

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