Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend

Me and the little nugget had a great Memorial Day Weekend.  It was nice to have some extra time off work (even though I had to leave Monday evening to travel for work).

We started off early Saturday morning with a 5k. She was a tad overdressed. ha!

Mom and I did the Hot Foot Run downtown. It’s put on by the firefighters to benefit a kid’s camp they support.  It was WARM, but the trail was easy and the race is packed.

We ran on the river trail, so the scenery was nice.  It was just an out and back route.  A few firefighters ran in their gear, which was inspiring.

This race also had a 10k and 15k, so the finish line was hopping with people waiting for their runners. So we hung out for a bit, letting Remi enjoy the people, music and bubbles.

After the warm race, we switched her into her swimsuit (and mom and I put on water-friendly shoes) and we walked over to the splash pad.  She LOVED it.  We will be back.  You get completely soaked, but she had a great time.

After the splash pad, we stopped at Sonic for lunch and then home to nap.  She’s getting so big.  Melt my heart!

We did a few swims at moms.  On Saturday night, it was just us, and then Sunday we had a big cook out with the Hot Springs family.


She’s REALLY getting brave in the water wanting to swim alone on her like third swim.  She may be swimming by the end of summer.

We made smores (sort of to celebrate my birthday with the fam), so summer is officially here.

Monday morning, we went to mom’s to have breakfast with the fam.  Remi LOVES Luke.  He loves her, but doesn’t always know how to interact with her.  So we plopped her in his lap and she just kept hugging him.  Precious.

After breakfast, Remi and I went to visit Dad.  I’m working on going to see him more often.  It’s hard, but I want to be there.  She likes pushing his chair.

She also wanted to kiss him 20 times when we were leaving.  He thought it was funny and kept kissing her back.  Love it.

After seeing dad, we went downtown for the rodeo parade!  She was SO GOOD.  Only tried to join the fun once. Otherwise, she listened to me- sticking close, sitting down and being great.

She liked the horses, yelling “Neigh” at them.  She also loved the marching bands and waving at all the people.  But her highlight was a dog riding in a truck.  That really got her yelling back. ha!

We had a GREAT weekend together.  We are so thankful for those who gave their lives for our freedoms, which is why we celebrate.  I know it’s not about a free day or a parade, but it’s totally about their sacrifices, which are worth the honor of 1000 days.


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