Menu Week of 7/11

Last week: Man o man did we LOVE the Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake. Must try it! I also found it online at Taste of Home’ website. Its here. Seriously good.

I got a huge bag of homegrown potatoes from Tyler’s dad’s garden, so we will be having potatoes a couple times this week, when we don’t normally have them at home. They are my weakness and I’ll basically eat an entire dish of anything with potatoes…which is bad for the waistline.

Monday: Spinach, Fire roasted tomato, and feta quiche. Store bought crust, and all the ingredients. (and CHEAP because I got eggs on sale!)

Tuesday: I am experimenting with a crock pot recipe I have. It will be a sort of alfredo pizza pasta with alfredo, pepperoni, ground beef, spinach and pasta. If it goes well, I will post the recipe.

Wednesday: Bison steaks and mac and cheese

Thursday: Cream Cheese Chicken in the slow cooker…but probably with some green beans and rice, not pasta.

Friday: Breakfast burritos (egg, cheese, salsa) and some homemade hashbrowns/country potatoes.


  1. I’m always looking for new crock pot recipes so I think I’ll have to try the cream cheese one (who can go wrong with cream cheese!!) Stopping by from jenna’s!

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