Menu- Week of 7/18

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Here is this week’s menu. Last week we liked the quiche I made. It was yummy (and we also ate all but one piece of it for dinner that night! ha! we REALLY liked it!) We didn’t get around to making Cream Cheese Chicken (because Tyler went out of town that night and I sure wasn’t making a crockpot full of food for myself…so I will put it on the menu again soon to try.)

Monday: Easy Crabmeat Enchiladas (except I’m using REAL crabmeat, not imitation) and a salad

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Beef Gyros– SO excited to try this! I LOVE gyros and can’t wait to try them with beef (instead of traditional lamb…which is $$) in the slow cooker. Served with pita bread and maybe some sweet potato fries

Wednesday: Fried rice (I’m adding some zucchini and peppers and such to this to make it a whole meal)

Thursday: Mexican Pot Roast (slow cooker recipe!)

Friday: Chicken spaghetti I picked from up from a local gourmet food place- Creative Kitchen. I stocked up on some freezer meals from there and figure we will have that for dinner Friday.

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