Menu- Week of 7/25

This week will be a little out of the ordinary, as we have my mom and 3 cousins coming over Tuesday (then they are headed to Branson) then they will be back Friday-Sunday.

I got some pre-cooked grilled chicken breasts at an AMAZING deal at our grocery store, so we will be using those up. I LOVE our local stores meat sales. They do a 5 for $25 deal and as long as you pick packs of meat that are labeled for over $5, you get a great deal! I got three packages of the grilled chicken, a package of smoked pork chops, and a box of 40 sausage biscuits (we already eat these for breakfast. They are perfect. They come in packs of 2 and cook in 30 seconds in the micro. And they are only 280 calories for the 2 biscuits!).

This week:

Monday: Chicken Salad (grilled chicken, grapes, curry powder, etc.) I LOVE lots of fruit in mine, but Ty isn’t so keen on it, so we may have two different batches to suit our taste. Leftovers will be lunches this week.

Tuesday: Chicken tacos or nachos (using the grilled chicken)

Wednesday: Homemade pizza rolls

Thursday: Chicken chili (adapted from this recipe using frozen chicken and cooking in the slow cooker)

Friday: Probably eating out with the kiddos. Can anyone say Chuck E. Cheese? 🙂

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