Menu- Week of 8/15

Last week, we really liked pretty much everything! ha! Spinach rolls were good (we did add beef to them, but they didn’t really need it). The shrimp were delish! We didn’t eat the meals in the order they were listed because I didn’t feel like eating them that way! ha! But we still ate everything planned.

This week…

Monday: Healthy Mini Frittate– looks interesting with the ricotta and the eggs. We like eggs for dinner, so I am excited to try this!

Tuesday: Chicken with Stuffing (in the crock pot). This was a hit last time!

Wednesday: Bolgnese Stuffed Bell Peppers– a new one for us! Looks good though!

Thursday: Slow Cooker Italian Beef– a favorite in our house! Five stars!

Friday: Chicken Pasta (a healthy chicken pasta! with mushrooms and tomatoes). I think my MIL will be joining us for dinner Friday, so I’m cooking for a crowd (haha…a crowd of three!)

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