Menu- Week of 8/29

Ya’ll. I rekindled a love this week. My love for…Aldi. Yup, the bargain grocery store. See, when I lived in Fayetteville (which wasn’t that long ago…just a few months), I would go to Aldi to buy some meat, some frozen veggies, and sometimes produce. However, in those few short months, I had forgotten just HOW amazingly inexpensive groceries are there. Last Thursday after the gym, I jetted over to Aldi only 15 minutes before they closed. It was only me and one other lady shopping, so I went all sonic speed “Supermarket Sweep” and got 2 weeks of food (plus some pantry staples) for only $130! I usually spend $100-$120 EACH week on groceries…so I got 2 weeks+ of food for one week’s budget! Score!

I planned on taking a picture of all my stuff, but I forgot once I got home….so I will list some things for you so you can see just how much I got. When I remember the price, I will put it in ( ) for you.

I got: 3 packages of chicken breasts (4.50), italian sausages (2.49), ground beef, shrimp (4.99), tilapia and salmon, chicken skewers (3), fresh cantelope, fresh pineapple, bunch of bananas, 2 lbs. of grapes, mushrooms, a pack of 4 ears of fresh corn, 3 bell peppers, three bags of salad (lettuce, romaine hearts, spinach), sliced cheese, blue cheese crumbles, feta crumbles, milk, chips, rice cakes, fruit leather, cereal, salad dressing, saltines, off-brand special k crackers, 3 boxes stuffing (.69 each!), instant rice (.69 each!), taco kits (2), BBQ sauce, spaghetti sauce, enchilada sauce, frozen green beans, asparagus, and peas, 2 packets chili seasoning, several cans each of: cream of chicken soup, cream of mushroom soup, black beans, corn, diced tomatoes, rotel, chicken broth. ALL for $130 (and I’m sure I left some stuff off!)

So I because of this, I decided for a while to cook based on what I can get at Aldi for the most part to save some $$. I will still be trying out some new recipes, but instead of 3-4 each week, maybe 1-2 special recipes that take funky ingredients.

So this week’s menu is…

Monday: Spaghetti with meat sauce, garlic bread and salad

Tuesday: Green chili lime chicken tacos with black beans and corn

Wednesday: Chicken fried steak (I bought minute steaks last week) with hashbrowns

Thursday: BBQ pulled peanut butter chicken (adapted from this recipe)

Friday: Pork Chops (already bought last week) with buffalo sauce and veggies.

SOO excited to still eat yummy, healthy homemade meals but on half the budget!


  1. I havent been to aldi since I was a kid! I wish we had one in bentonville!

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