Menu- Week of Dec. 5

I have this week’s menu all planned out…so (I know its been a while) but I’m doing a menu planning post.

Monday: Chili rellanos.  My recipe.  I use bison (or ground beef) and cook that with some taco seasoning, add in some cheddar cheese and stuff into roasted poblano peppers.  I top with canned enchilada sauce that I “fix” with some seasonings.

Tuesday: Chicken and stuffing in the crock pot We love this recipe and its so easy!

Wednesday: Chicken breasts with a version of quinoa salad (similar to this one)

Thursday: Modifying this recipe for tomato basil soup.    I hate recipes for the crock pot that are more work than “dump it in”  This recipe calls for making a roux and blah blah blah…so I’m gonna try it my way! 🙂  I’ll let you know how it goes!

Friday: Rice a roni casserole.  Never made this before, but I have a box of rice-a-roni ready to be used!

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