Miss Arkansas!

MI have spent many July evenings at Miss Arkansas in my lifetime. The pageant is held in my hometown, so I’ve been going since high school. I used to do pageants when I was little (in fact, I was Arkansas Baby Miss America when I was 18 months old….and we went to Baby Miss America in California! ha!). So this year, when I found out I would be teaching summer session 2, I knew there was no way I could go home to Miss Arkansas.
This year, I knew 6 girls in it. 6 girls from OBU, and one a sorority sister. I had girls promising to send me text updates of everything, but luckily, they did an online simulcast, so I watched from my couch every night! Well, I didn’t watch Thurday because I was out with Alden, but I watched every other night.
Last night was the finals, and 3 OBU girls (including my sister) got into the top 10! It was so exciting! And Ty was so great to mute the tv whenever any competition was going on.
Kristen, my sorority sister got 3rd runner up (4th place) and a girl from OBU who I used to sing with when we were younger at Silver Dollar City, won Miss Arkansas! So exciting! Now I will actually know someone competing for Miss America!
This is the top 5….Alyse is in the white dress and Kristen, my sorority sister, is on the right in the red!

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