Miss Personality

Miss Personality

Oh this girl is quickly developing such a fun, happy, silly personality! She loves making us laugh. She loves dealing with other people. She is learning to have the time of her life.

Her personality shows when I tell her “No.”  No, Remi, don’t lick the water off the dishwasher. ha!  Then she gives me this look, like “What did you say to me?”

She LOVES dancing and looking in the mirror. Her closet was open and she saw her sunglasses and pointed, so we put them on. DIVA to the max!

My sweet girl. She is loving and tender (when she wants to be! ha!)

I was chasing her around the house trying to get her picture. She thought that was pretty fun!

We were at Pier 1 and she tried climbing in this chair, so I plopped her in it. It was comfy and soft and she LOVED it.

Before church- “Dat” LOTS of pointing and talking these days.

I went on a hike with the women’s ministry while she went to play with Grandpa and the family.

The weather was GORGEOUS. We had a big group and it was fun.

We hiked around a local lake and loved it.

While I hiked, Remi saw the “Moo cows” with Uncle Dwight.

And she played with Brad and Kelsey. She LOVES them.

Such a silly girl! We love her so much and adore watching her bloom.


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