Yesterday I guest posted on my friend Leslyn’s blog.  It was a post I took my time writing- you can go read it…but I’ll sum it up.  It was confessions of a Zumba instructor where I give some real truth to some common things that happen to me.  I explain why I don’t need an excuse when students are gone, why I can’t use every song suggestion, and why I can’t give medical advice (I’m not a doctor!).

I shared this post, and several of my students read it and told me in class last night they found it funny, informative, or insightful.

But somehow one person read it and misunderstood.  She found it negative and disappointing.  She left a comment telling me all about it.

This made me very anxious.  First off, negativity was not my intention at all.  However, this person also read all kinds of things from the post that simply weren’t there.  I had to come to the realization that she just misunderstood.

That’s the tough thing about blogging.  We put it out there, and we have control of the post as we write it….but once you hit “publish” the post isn’t yours anymore. It belongs to the reader.

It can’t always be pats on the back, high fives, and “great post!” comments.  Sometimes it’s someone criticizing you and calling you out.

I had to let that be ok.  I had to determine that no matter what she thought of that post, I didn’t regret writing it.  Those were my thoughts, my words, and her reaction is not up to me.

I won’t second guess myself.  I will keep writing, and hoping that most of you “get” me.


  1. ok so I read your personal blog enough to know you aren’t a negative person so I see where you were coming from in the post. However, I think it might have been helpful maybe if the girl hosting the blog had set you up with an intro like..Instructors put so much work into their classes, here’s what it takes behind the scenes, etc….

    You rock. PS I will never take Zumba because I have ZERO dance moves and while you don’t care, I would be so nervous I’d probably barf. lol

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